5 London Ontario Urban Colour Palettes for your next corporate logo design.

Selecting a colour for a brand is similar to picking out a paint colour for your wall. Except the paint colour can’t be painted over, at least not easily. Colour impacts the way your audience feels and shapes their actions. Colour is everything in the branding process, so it would be wise to get it right the first time.

When I start a branding project, I try to be mindful of this statement, and it could be responsible for all the tension that happens in the office on colour selection day. A regular workday can turn ugly fast when the colour palettes get rolled out onto the table. You might even compare it to being caught in the middle of a heated shit hurling competition with a group of apes. Where their only desire is to use your face as the target.

However, when the office turns into a riot. Like the one I just described. I always dig deep for creative inspiration, and it usually ends with me in the file folder titled Landfill on my hard drive. Which is the same place I got the idea for this blog.

So, here you have it 5 London Ontario Urban Colour palettes for your next corporate logo design.

1. The Mckenzie Lake Building

Photographer Name

2. London Entry to Downtown

Photographer Name

3.Street art alley.

Photographer name

4. The new Dundas St. downtown London

Photographer Name

5.Museum London Building

Photographer Name

It would be nice to learn something from each of my posts, and I think there is no exception here. Whether you learned having a file folder named Landfill on your hard drive is wise or that it’s best not to feed the apes at lunch. There is no question that colour selection, is no joke in the digital branding process, and your attention to detail is required.