My 5 Go to Fonts when I’m Struggling with design.

It’s hard to believe that everything I know fundamentally about typography layout and design, is from someone I don’t like and probably the reason I won’t ever forget. It’s not because he is a slimy toad or a sniffling hypocrite. It’s because, for all the reasons I don’t like him, I respected him professionally. He understands how fonts function within their environment and knows how to make his bullshit look good. People love him for it and you can’t hate a man for that. But, it doesn’t mean you have to like him either.

Fundamentals don’t make you a typographer by, any stretch and I would never be bold enough to call myself one either. I do, however, understand that typography can be the brand image and brand image is everything. So selecting fonts can take a little longer than expected, but I always have a stash of fonts I like to use when the going gets tough.

So, here you have it 5 of my go-to fonts.

1. Baskerville

2. Oswald

3. Century Gothic

4. Futura

5. Goudy Old Style

It’s no secret there is something to learn with every history lesson, and sometimes you learn lessons you least expect. But the least expected lessons are the ones you learn from the most. Whether the information is coming from a hyena or a decent human being, there is always something to learn.

Typography is more than just giving your clients a few options on a piece of paper. You are giving them a visual typographic experience designed to help them understand the tone of their brand and how their audience may engage with it. So it can either say bistro pub, or corporate accountant that choice is up to you.