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The Loft Pilates and Fitness is a home business located in London, Ontario, owned and operated by Megan Orser. When she approached us, she had envisioned her business growing outside of her home, and her logo reflects this possibility of growing into a larger market.

Megan does not teach a standard pilates program. She incorporates her personal ideals relating to mind, body, and soul into her rigorous programs. She wanted a website that was simple yet elegant, in order to represent this vision.


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The first thing we did was attend Megan’s classes. While participating, we carefully observed that her platform, although small, was effective and demonstrated a personal connection with each of her clients on a physical and emotional level — something that we crafted into her unique value proposition. She held people accountable for their success but also reinforced a positive outlook and optimism.

Through the experience of attending Megan’s classes, it became apparent that we needed to align the naming of her business and her overall brand voice with her optimism, high degree of professionalism, and her tough love approach to health and wellness.


Websites are your brand’s most important platform. They serve as a cost-effective home bases for your brand, as well as a platform to publish unique branded content. When we worked on Megan’s website for her pilates studio, we wanted her brand voice to shine through. We achieved this by emphasizing elegant simplicity. Much like her classes, Megan’s website was an opportunity to show people that simplicity is an effective way to represent yourself.

Her business model, which prioritized her own spiritual, health-based, and philosophical beliefs, always returned to the simple concept of improving your life and expanding your horizons. We think her website adequately reflects this philosophy.

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Everything about Megan’s brand, from colour palettes, to logo and typeface, was deliberate. Blending her personal and professional philosophies with clean graphic design was what gave her website clout.

Megan’s logo contains a lot of circular imagery, which is a representation of her field (yoga balls), but also reminiscent of spiritual themes. For example, the circles are identifiable with the zen icon. Megan’s colour palette is soft but bold, and the typeface is slender but functional and readable.

Her website had to follow the same simplicity and remain readable by her target audience. The use of negative space was essential in providing much-needed simplicity, and the basic sitemap flow was used for easy reading comprehension.


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